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Jade's Stats

  • Category  :
  • Age  :  22
  • Height  : 5'6
  • Weight  : 180
  • Bust  : 36D
  • Foot Size  :  10
  • Eyes  :  Black
  • Hair Colour  :  Black
  • Sign  :  Gemini
  • Nationality  :  Haitian




I am a sexy and sensual masseuse with nimble fingers who will make you succumb to my charms from the first touch. My sculptural body and my expert hands transport you to a world of pleasure and sensuality. My nimble fingers roam your body with exceptional dexterity, giving you shivers of pleasure with each caress. You close your eyes, heard your senses kiss under my magician's fingers. I play with your body, gently bringing you into a state of ecstasy. My movements are more lent, more intense, and you feel the desire rising in you, invading every part of your being. You let yourself be carried away by this wave of sensuality, abandoning all your inhibitions. My nimble fingers explore every corner of your body, giving you unspeakable pleasure. I am a sensual and sexy masseuse who whispers sweet and bewitching words in your ear, transporting you to heights of pleasure you never imagined. I know how to make you vibrate, how to make you explode with desire. And when I leave you, you feel like on a little cloud, bathed in an aura of pleasure and happiness. You know you can never forget this sensual experience xx

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