Erotic Massage

An Explosion Of Sensuality

What we do

We welcome you with a smile and we take care to put you at ease. If you wish, you can choose the room that inspires you most. Our rooms give you all the privacy you need to relax. If you have not yet chosen your masseuse, we make a presentation of masseuses in lingerie. Then we invite you to take a shower.A scrupulous hygiene can establish a relationship of trust between the partners. You can ask your masseuse to take a shower with you. Your erotic massage will begin in the shower. A shower for two is a more sensual experience.In an erotic massage, our masseuses are exclusively yours and ignore their own needs and desires to focus on your needs. Their attention is directed towards you. Erotic massage hatched and develop your sensual nature.

What we offer

Erotic massage helps to release the powerful sexual energy of every man. We masons whole body focusing on the parts we erogenous. Massage by all coprs was born in Thailand. It\92s called Thai massage, Thai massage (as abbreviation Thai), body to body, full body massage, we use our whole body to massage our client and creates pressure with our own weight. This is an energetic massage which is absolutely fabulous for the person receives. The technique of massage Thai massage or body to body, the best erotic massage We install on your naked body, and you put hot oil on your back, buttocks and legs. We also oil on us. We then a sun salutation, It\92s a yoga movement. We sit on you and we are looking for our breasts brush against your buttocks and straighten us, crushing the basin on your butt. We slip our chest on your back, and we are making great circles, then go down to your feet and back again, lobbying with our bodies. Subsequently, we turn and use your butt. We ask you to turn over, and your body with our buttocks. The variations are endless.

La Montrealaise Offers A Beautiful Ambience For An Erotic Massage In Privacy.

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